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  1. Sockets and cwrap

    Have you ever wanted to run a software stack locally, testing client/server interactions, all on the same machine, under a normal user account?

    Maybe cwrap could help.

    What is cwrap?

    cwrap is a set of tools to create a fully isolated network environment to test client/server components on …
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  2. Just ride

    Just Ride book cover

    Book cover

    I've just finished reading an enjoyable book about cycling called Just ride, (a radically practical guide to riding your bike). It's an interesting book for anyone who just wants to get on a bike and enjoy it, without being forced to adopt a sports bike attitude to riding …

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  3. Busch & Müller all weather dynamo roller

    After recently purchasing a Busch & Müller dymotec 6 dynamo, I found the noise level increased dramatically during wet weather. Going from a low hum in the dry to a higher pitch tone in wet weather.

    Initially I thought this could be down to the rubber roller slipping against the tyre …

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  4. Dymotec 6 & Lumotec IQ Cyo RT senso plus

    After visiting Berlin recently I noticed how many bikes used dynamos and liked the idea of a fixed front light powered by a dynamo.

    The thought of not having to carry spare battries and the fact that my battery powered front light needed replacement anyway, I decided to try out …

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